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Let's Talk College

Dec 30, 2021

TikTok stars, SAT prep experts, and now published authors. Josh and Jackie, owners of J&J Test Prep, sat down to talk with me about their new book, No B.S. SAT Math, their approach to helping students improve their scores, and other things going on in the world of college admissions.

You can find the book here:

Dec 23, 2021

Many parents and students have the dream of playing their sport in college. I sat down with Rusty Oglesby, one of the top soccer coaches in Texas, to talk about the process of becoming a college athlete and his experiences helping students achieve that goal.

Dec 16, 2021

Pranoy Mohapatra, owner of PM Tutoring, is an expert in online tutoring. We sat down to talk about how to make online sessions as effective as in-person tutoring and what parents should watch for in a quality online tutoring session.

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Dec 9, 2021

Let's Talk LSAT! Dave Lynch is THE expert LSAT tutor!

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We also talked about a fantastic web designer, Jason Armour. Shout out to Jason at

Dec 2, 2021

Whether he is a college professor and part time tutor or a tutor whose side hustle is math professor, Vinny Madera is definitely one of a kind. It was great to sit down with him for an hour to talk about his unique perspective on this crazy college thing.

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